Thursday, September 20, 2012


This was taken at Brgy De Ocampo, what we call as "Prinsa" or dam. The vista here is magnificent, the falls itself is very accessible from the main road. There is a man-made swimming pool just besides the falls. In all its rawness, it is beautiful. 

Unfortunately, I also see wasted opportunity here. Sayang. The place where I took this photo is from the edge of the Dam itself, and is very dangerous because there are no railings installed. A miss-step would mean a good 20 odd foot drop. There have been reports of people killed already here due to accidental falling (no pun intended). 

Opportunities. As I was taking this photo, I was imagining safety railings installed in order for people to SAFELY enjoy the magnificent view. I was imagining safety railings also installed in the man-made pool so that people can enjoy it more. I was imagining people (whether they be employed by the City or the Brgy) constantly cleaning the place. I was imagining tables and benches installed so that some of the spaces could be converted into picnic areas. 

Opportunities. I wonder when would opportunities be translated into realities?

*This photo was entered into the Larawan ng Lungsod photo contest organized by the City Tourism office. Great job guys. Lets make places like these something people from other places would like to see!