Sunday, August 28, 2011


I was once a wanabee skater, I could do the basic ollie but that was it. So It was great to see that TMC had a small "trasher" community flourishing (trasher = persons who loves/ live to skate). I caught up with these guys at the Provincial Capitol grounds, near the statue of Gen. Aguinaldo and scheduled a photoshoot session with them. They might look like typical teenagers involved in gangs, but after talking with them, I understood that they just want to skate. This just proves that TMC is continually evolving. During my childhood, the staple game for children were turumpo, suguran and teks (not text). With time comes change, whether you like it or not.  I think Emilio was giving these guys the thumbs up sign. TMC X-games in the future?

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  1. Nice capture Ace. I really should learn more from you how to do nighttime photography. Btw, would you like me to link this blog to your blog posts in my site?

  2. @Torbik, salamat pards :)

    @Aleah, yes yes yes paki-link naman!