Saturday, October 15, 2011


I encountered a road block with regards to what to feature next in TMC24/7. Good thing Doxell delos Reyes (@daksdoksdox) tweeted an idea. So here I am, featuring some grad photos from his TMCNHS batch. This batch is special to me, in the sense that they were the first ones that gave me the opportunity to practice my portrait photography skills. So guys, thanks for serving as my guinea pigs of sorts lol. 

First attempts at graduate portrait photography. Grad pics have indeed come a long way. I remember my HS grad pic looking more like a mug shot rather than a proper portrait. 

Here are some of the photos from Dox's batch, sorry if I couldn't post all of them. Since it's Mr. Delos Reyes who gave me the idea, he's the first one here together with his Mr. Pogi pose.

I'm glad digital photography was invented, at least we have things like these saved in our digital memories. Things that remind us how dorky looking we were back in High School. Good thing we only had film during my High School days.

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