Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deviating a bit

While I am still thinking about things to post about Trece, I will take a break for a whole about TMC and post something about Sangkhlaburi, which is the place I am in right now.

Sangkhlaburi is a small town in Thailand located near the border to Burma (Myanmar). I am here conducting a series of child protection trainings, and it is my 2nd time here.

The place is very beautiful, its not a tourist area per se, but it has lots of potential. Interestingly enough, Thailand's longest wooden bridge is located here, called Saphan Mohn. Being scared of heights, it was a challenge for me to cross it.


  1. How's Andy and Fran? Wish I could go back; I'd take up Andy on his promise of biking around Sangkhla.

  2. great job!
    i thought you just suddenly stopped taking pictures. :(
    hmmmn... in a way, i can now take it to mean that this photo-blog is simply not just about Trece Martirez, but rather a Treceno who works hard exploring places and seeing beauty in all things. :)